Return Policy

Our return policy is simple.  You have 30 days to return any product for a full refund once you receive it.  For instance if you place an order Feb 1st, and receive it Feb 15th, you have 30 days to mail it after Feb 15th.  If you are having an issue, let us know immediately and we may offer you an extended grace period.  If you do not contact us with 30 days, you will not receive a refund.  The refund is issued within 3 days after we receive the product.  And will take 3 business days to transfer the funds.

Your are responsible to pay for the return shipping fee to the U.S.

If you order a ring and it doesn't fit, we will exchange it once for free HERE.  If it is engraved and you want to return it, it will cost $23 as a restocking fee you can purchase there as well.


This link will take you to where you can inquiry a Size Exchange where we will exchange the first ring within 30 days upon arrival for a free Size Exchange.

This Link is Our Lifetime Warranty Policy on our Manbands.