About Us

Manbands & Co is the Wedding Ring Finger Provider for Men.  We offer wedding bands for men with incredible ring styles at more affordable prices then our competitors.

Our business direction is to supply the most affordable rings to ship to our consumers all over the world.  We moderated to a stylish class of rings with the highest quality.  Finger size is not a problem, with custom ring sizes and widths so you can get what you came for.  Our Manbands are made with various metals from Tungsten Carbide to Stainless Steel, Titanium and High-Tech Ceramic Zirconium.  

We are customer friendly and desire to serve you the best of our ability.  As we've been through the same scenario looking for a manband ourselves.  Over the years it's the same story; go to a jewelry store and get robbed, or have the fiancee (future wife) show you a picture online and He says "yea that looks good."  Well we want to help the fiance do some wedding planning and pick out his own ring.  This is one thing we're all about, and that's making it easy to find the man a wedding band.

Another thing we're all about is being able to get the coolest rings made for any finger size at an affordable price.  You may have asked "How much should you spend on a wedding ring?"  Now that's a question men ask themselves when looking for a ring for his fiancee.  And that is a great question, but how much should you spend on a wedding ring for him?  So is it the cost that makes the ring?  If you go to a local jeweler they may suggest gold wedding bands first.  After looking at those prices they would lead you down to a titanium or tungsten carbide wedding band.  Because it's in a showcase room, comparing an extremely high priced ring to a tungsten carbide looks cheap as ever.  But then you found us! To show you a great selection of wedding bands for men, and were not here to charge you $400 dollars.  So how much should you spend on a wedding ring for him? that's up to you.  But believe us when we say we are offering something many business' cannot, and that is high quality rings with customized sizes and widths at affordable prices.  

Even after lifetimes of marriage, the wedding ring, and wedding ring finger still serves a purpose.  Although there are some people who won't take a marriage serious, it's something that will go on forever.

Now the wedding ring finger has it's place in symbolic tradition that's been passed through hundreds of generations.  As just ring's themselves have represented power and authority, like a King would use his ring to a seal a law.  The law that is seal with wedding rings, is the law of love. As both wedding ring fingers are clothed with a symbol, the husband and wife are joined together in love.  The symbol of love with it's eternal circle, having an equal partnership.  It is believed that the vein in the wedding ring finger goes to the heart, so choosing a wedding band should be just as meaningful for the fiance.

It is our desire to search for the best rings.  A quest you may say for the manliest designs.  We want your ring to catch that attention that it so well deserves.  Women will get attention all the time from men as they see the "wedding ring finger", "yup, she's taken". Which is great for the man, that's one reason why the wives is so sparkly!  And it's nice for a wife too, "I saw his wedding ring finger, and he's taken".  With the wedding bands we supply, that's exactly what will happen.  Not to mention all his friends will be jealous.  And no harm done if you tell them where you got it. 

We have more then just men's rings, so we won't hold you here forever.  Everything here we Ship Free, and we Do Not Have Sales Tax added so what you see is the total!  Delivery time takes roughly 14-26 Days.  So feel free to checkout the wedding bands, and you can also find every accessory you need to look good.


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