Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

  • $ 32.00

We have a Lifetime Warranty for all our Tungsten, Ceramic, Titanium Manbands.  This means after our 30 day return policy, if your ring doesn't fit you the way you want, you can exchange it for the same ring at a small fee of $32.  We are confident in the quality of our rings, but we understand resizing them is impossible.  So a lifetime Warranty is the best we can do.  So if it doesn't fit, breaks, gets damaged, color fades after 10 years, whatever the case, we will provide another one for you.

Alll we need from you is the ring you currently own returned to us in the US & your order number with the size you need.

Purchase this service for a Lifetime anytime you need a ring.   Our records will keep track of your full name or order number, which makes it easy to find the original purchase.

If the ring you ordered is discontinued please contact us via email.

Disclaimer: If the Manbands & Co business rights change or no longer exists, this service may not be available.  If the cost of the material we use to create Our Wedding Bands due to inflation, the $32 may change.  Thank you for understanding.



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